Bedside radio: at the Electronics Fair an unmissable exhibition of vintage models by AIRE

Fiera dell’Elettronica

On the occasion of Fiera dell’Elettronica, scheduled for Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 March at Centro Fiera Montichiari (BS), AIRE (Italian Association for Vintage Radio) is proposing an interesting exhibition entitled “Bedside radios “.

This expression refers to small-sized appliances, made between the second post-war period and the mid-1960s. At that time, in the Italy of the economic boom, the cost of the so-called bedside radios was increasingly less prohibitive and for many families, in addition to the “home” device that normally resided in the living room, it was possible to purchase a second model to listen to in bedroom.

On a technical level, those years witnessed the transition from the valve to the transistor and from bakelite to plastic. That’s why even in bedside radios we find a very wide range of materials and technologies.

The exhibition proposed by AIRE on the occasion of the Electronics Fair will be an opportunity to rediscover closely the models that have made the history of radio and which, in their beauty and simplicity, tell the climate of an era full of enthusiasm and trust in the future.

The specimens on display come from the private collection of the honorary president of AIRE Carlo Pria.