From 1 to 3 April, the first edition of “Spider and Cabriolet” kicks off

Spider e Cabriolet

It will be a celebration of beauty and emotions, not just a fair, an event certainly capable of conquering enthusiasts and professionals but also to impress the less experienced and the simply curious for what you can admire and experience. With the approach of the event, interest in the new Spider and Cabriolet event to be held from 1 to 3 April at Centro Fiera Montichiari is increasing. This is the first market exhibition in Europe dedicated to a single car category, destined to become a real point of reference for all fans of open cars, who will be able to admire, but also buy directly at the fair, some of the most beautiful cars of all. the times, and for all budgets, of yesterday and today.

Conferenza stampa di presentazione di “Spider e Cabriolet” (Montichiari, Museo Lechi, 29 marzo 2022)

The fascination of open cars has always aroused great enthusiasm, as shown by the data in the first half of 2021, registrations of new Cabrio and Spider cars grew by 13.7% compared to the same period in 2019; requests for classic cars and young timers have even increased by 34%.

The event is an extraordinary event for fans but with characteristics of glamor and pleasure, also from the point of view of design and aesthetics, which make it attractive even for those who are not experts or professionals. Already in the entrance foyer, visitors will be greeted by an evocative exhibition entitled ‘Spider and cabriolet’, created in collaboration with BPER Banca, an exhibition that will present rare cars capable of arousing emotions even in non-experts, precious jewels protected in this circumstance by BIG Broker Insurance Group and CiaccioArte.

In addition to the cars on display, there are several meetings, interviews and appointments that can be attended at the fair: it begins on Friday 1 April with a video interview with Giancarlo Minardi, the manufacturer from Faenza who trod the asphalt of Formula 1 for several years. and that still today is dedicated to training the pilots of the future. The next day, Saturday 2 April, Mario Simoni will interview Emanuele Prignacca, president of the HRC Fascia d’oro di Montichiari (BS) club, and the famous collector Mario Righini, owner of incredible cars that would be the envy of all museums in the world. On the same day, engineer Mauro Forghieri, an authentic legend of world motoring, will also be in Montichiari who will be interviewed by Daniele Buzzonetti, also narrating his book “Ferrari in the heart“, an event promoted and created in collaboration with BPER Banca.

On Sunday 3 April, Mauro Battaglia’s interview with the entrepreneur Nicolò Luzzago on the theme “The vintage car market between tradition and innovation” and the meeting organized in collaboration with Scuderia Tazio Nuvolari Italia for remember the figure of Cesare De Agostini, a legend of sports journalism who recently passed away. Coordinated by Gian Carlo Benedini and with the participation of Fabrizio Rossi, collector, President and founder of the OM International Registry and Mauro Negri, President of the Negri Foundation in Brescia which has important photographic archives since the early 1900s.

Under the banner of the combination of glamor and engines, starting at 11 am, it will be possible to attend various presentations of haute couture clothes by Creative Lab by Patrizia Argilli: the haute couture clothes created for some of the most prestigious brands and students of the laboratory who will propose the clothes they created and refer to the main fashion periods of the 20th century. Photo sessions are also planned with combinations of clothes and cars on display.

It should be remembered that during the three days of the Fair, it will be possible to admire evocative film clips with the spider protagonists: by the experts of Ennesimo Film Festival.

There will be rallies with the many extraordinary cars of the HRC Golden Band that will frame the first edition of Spider and Cabriolet and the Z3mendi club will also be present with the beautiful BMW Z3s.

The opening hours:

Friday 1 April from 2pm to 7pm.
Saturday 2 April from 9 to h. 18.
Sunday 3 April from 9am to 6pm.

Tickets and info: