Samarcanda: antiques and collectibles for all lovers of art and antiques


From 25 to 27 February at the Centro Fiera Montichiari the appointment with Samarcanda returns, the market exhibition of antiques, collecting, modern antiques, decoration, objects and vintage. Having reached the milestone of the thirty-fourth edition, Samarkand will offer art and antiques lovers the opportunity to admire unique works, rarities and collectibles up close.

Samarcanda is a historic event in the offer linked to art and antiques at our exhibition center“, explains Gianantonio Rosa, president of the Centro Fiera. “Our calendar includes Rassegna Antiquaria at the end of the year, an exhibition that has its strengths in its refinement and level of excellence. Samarcanda, on the other hand, is characterized by a more accessible cut and is aimed at the general public, combining quality and taste. The 2022 edition has a special value because it marks the return of the exhibition after a year’s break due to the pandemic. Once again, a message of optimism and trust comes from the world of art and beauty.

Samarcanda is an opportunity to purchase the long sought-after work, but it is also a time to enjoy the pleasure of bringing together paintings, sculptures and precious objects. Space, therefore, for the most sought-after proposals, fine antiques, but also collecting, modern antiques and vintage, in a complete overview capable of representing the kaleidoscopic world of art, making the visit to the exhibition truly unique. Within Samarkand there will also be space for proposals that are closest to the tastes of the new generations who show great interest in this particular trend.


The 2022 edition of Samarkand will be enriched by an evocative collateral entitled “A riveder la luce – Lamps of 1950-2000 design“, curated by the architect Amedeo Buccelleni. A journey through the history of artificial lighting through over thirty design models, capable of recounting decades of product innovation, creativity and ingenuity. The exhibition will offer enthusiasts the opportunity to closely admire lamps that marked an era and which, thanks to careful restoration work, are today an ever-living testimony of the evolution of taste and material culture.

Samarcanda, therefore, will be the ideal starting point for rediscovering the ancient and experiencing art in a new way. The appointment is at Centro Fiera Montichiari for Friday 25, Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 February. Opening hours, from 10 to 19. Entrance ticket € 8.00 (€ 5.00 reduced over 65 – free admission up to 12 years).