Baldessari and Depero: at Rassegna Antiquaria 2021, a side exhibition dedicated to the two masters of Futurism

Rassegna Antiquaria

One of the novelties that will enrich the 2021 edition of Rassegna Antiquaria scheduled at the Centro Fiera di Montichiari from 27 November to 5 December is the collateral exhibition entitled “BETWEEN ANALYTICAL FUTURISM AND ANALOGICAL FUTURISM: from Baldessari’s lines of strength to the mechanical art of Depero ”, curated by Umberto Brusasca.

The exhibition proposes a comparison between two authors who have offered almost opposite concepts of Futurism and who today are confirmed as the center of attention of specialist critics and the public.

Fortunato Depero, as a follower of Balla, was one of the major interpreters of Roman analogue Futurism, of the futurist reconstruction of the universe and of the openness to applied arts. He first experiments with analogical abstraction and then the practice of spot colors, which he abandoned only in the early 1920s when he merged into the area of mechanical art and plastic-dynamic painting.

Roberto Marcello Baldessari, on the other hand, was a careful scholar of Boccioni’s analytical Futurism and then a frequent visitor to post-Lacerbian circles in Florence. Adventure companion of Primo Conti and Emilio Notte, he made the vernacular themes of Rosai his own, building his own stylistic code through the analytical work on volume, force lines and post-divisionist chromatic phrasing. His work is characterized by a remarkable geometricism even when, having reached its more mature phase, it falls within a cubo-futurist figurativism.

The collateral exhibition “BETWEEN ANALYTICAL FUTURISM AND ANALOGICAL FUTURISM” proposed as part of the Antiques Review, therefore, compares the two souls of Futurism and lives on the continuous phrasing between these two poles, placed not in opposition but in a dialogic relationship. From this continuous stylistic comparison, the conceptual and stylistic polyphony of Futurism emerges.