The activity in the Covid-19 era from the voice of the protagonists: from the REAS webinars a signal of trust for the emergency sector


REAS has always been alongside the protagonists of emergency management, even more so in a delicate moment in which operators and volunteers are committed to the front line for containing the spread of Covid-19.

Waiting for the next edition postponed by a year to be held from 8 to 10 October 2021, on Friday 2, Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 October, REAS has promoted a program of conferences, seminars and online courses dedicated to some key themes for the sector, also in light of the experience gained in recent months in the management of the pandemic linked to Covid-19. The events proposed by voluntary organizations and associations were followed by the REAS website and Facebook page during the days of 2, 3 and 4 October. A virtual moment to send a real message of resilience and trust.

Friday ended with the semiary edited by the Italian Relief Corps of the Order of Malta entitled “COVID-19: the experience and activities in the CISOM territory“. The lawyer Marino Colosio, CISOM national inspector, the lawyer Carlo Settembrini Trabucchi, Lombardy group leader, and Leonardo Spataro, Brescia group leader, illustrated the activities carried out by CISOM, participation in the construction of the Covid Hospitals in Milan and Civitanova Marche and above all the spirit of service of a particularly active company in the area.

Saturday 3 October was dedicated to the fourth edition of the AIB national round table dedicated to forest fire fighting, an event that for years, during the REAS days, has brought together the main players from all over Italy. This year the appointment took place in an unprecedented online formula which involved, under the skilful direction of Franco Pasargiklian, director of the magazine “La Protezione Civile Italiana“, AIB representatives from the positions of the Liguria Region, Lombardy Region, Puglia Region , Piedmont Region and Tuscany Region. Dr. Dario Negro brought the greeting of the head of the head of the National Civil Protection Department Angelo Borrelli. From the various interventions, testimonies and experiences emerged on the activities carried out in recent months, with the aim of putting in place a series of concrete proposals to make the management of the fire emergency even more coordinated and effective.

The round table had an international scope thanks to the initial speeches by Andreas Züge, general manager of the Hannover Fair International Gmh, co-organizer of REAS together with Centro Fiera di Montichiari, and to the greeting recorded by Germany by Dirk Aschenbrenner, president of VFDB, the German Association for the Fire Protection. At the end of the works, the director of the Centro Fiera di Montichiari Ezio Zorzi launched the proposal to promote the “AIB general states” of forest fire prevention on the occasion of REAS 2021, involving all the representatives of the twenty Regions in a great moment of discussion. as well as organizations and associations from abroad.

The REAS online events concluded on Sunday 4 October with the seminar proposed by the Province of Brescia entitled “What to know to manage a volunteer organization of Civil Protection“. Despite some technical unforeseen events related to bad weather that initially delayed the connection, Giovanni Sala, coordinator of Civil Protection groups, summarized all the fundamental aspects to be taken into account in order to properly manage the administration of the OGV.

In the next few days, all webinars will be able to be reviewed on the website in order to ensure everyone has the opportunity to listen to or see the various contents for the first time.

The initiative turned out to be a successful experiment” explains Gianantonio Rosa, president of Centro Fiera S.p.A.. “The world of emergency is closely linked to REAS. While waiting for the 2021 edition, it was important to send a message of trust that would reach the volunteers and operators who dedicate their energy and commitment to the benefit of all of us. Their enthusiasm pushes us to work with even more conviction at the next edition of REAS which will be held from 8 to 10 October 2021.