FARE Rete di imprese

Join forces for a common goal: to encourage the development of the territory. With this premise, the network of companies was born which, from today, links Centro Fiera Montichiari, Pro Brixia and Brescia Tourism.

A strategic partnership that marks a new beginning and lays the foundations for giving a strong boost to the economic activity of our province.

Pooling resources, experiences and know-how. But also directing investments towards common long-term objectives. The FARE network of companies (Trade Fairs, Previews Networks Events) involving the Montichiari Fair Center, Pro Brixia and Brescia Tourism will serve to enhance the Brescia production system. It is a concrete tool to support entrepreneurial initiatives and local energies, through the offer of specialized fairs, training courses and promotion services. The goal is to give answers to companies that compete with excellent products and are looking for new markets, both in Italy and abroad.

The business network creates the conditions for a truly synergistic exhibition calendar, designed to expand the offer of fairs and events, while avoiding those overlaps that in the past have ended up damaging exhibitors and visitors.

Furthermore, new opportunities for collaboration in the tourism sector are opening up. The synergy between Centro Fiera di Montichiari, Pro Brixia and Brescia Tourism will allow us to offer new accommodation services for trade fairs, combining them with the promotion of the historical and cultural heritage of our province.

The network of companies between Centro Fiera di Montichiari, Pro Brixia and Brescia Tourism is therefore an innovative tool at the service of the territory. Economic development, tourism promotion, cultural growth: three common objectives that mark a new beginning for the Brescia trade fair system.