Rassegna Antiquaria: Antiques Review: from November 27th to December 5th, art and antiques return to give emotions

Rassegna Antiquaria

With the edition of Rassegna Antiquaria scheduled from 27 November to 5 December, Centro Fiera Montichiari rekindles the spotlight on the world of art and antiques. In over three decades of history, the exhibition has always maintained a special bond with enthusiasts and collectors and, after a year of waiting imposed by the emergency linked to COVID-19, it will be an event in which to savor the pleasure of admiring works of art up close. art and unique pieces.

Rassegna Antiquaria confirms its formula in balance between tradition and innovation, thanks to the presence of selected galleries from all over Italy who will guarantee a detailed and always high-level proposal. Alongside the expression of tradition and the most classic currents, the new trends that intrigue the most experimental lovers will also find the right space, in an ideal journey through the beauty that only art is able to indelibly evoke.

Our exhibition center pays particular attention to proposals related to art and antiques,” explains Gianantonio Rosa, president of Centro Fiera Montichiari. “Rassegna Antiquaria is a historical exhibition that has been perfected over time, thus establishing, from edition to edition, a strong bond with a public that is always very receptive and attentive. It is almost natural that a city like Montichiari, so rich in authentic artistic treasures, hosts an exhibition with such an important history. Our goal is to look to the future by giving the right value to tradition and bringing something more every year.

One of the novelties destined to make the 2021 edition truly unique is the collateral exhibition entitled “BETWEEN ANALYTICAL FUTURISM AND ANALOGICAL FUTURISM. From Baldessari’s lines of force to Depero’s mechanical art. “. The exhibition, curated by Umberto Brusasca, will offer an interesting comparison between two artists capable of expressing unique ideas of Futurism, gaining increasing attention from both specialist critics and the public. Depero was a follower of Balla and of Roman analogue Futurism, Baldessari a careful lover of Boccioni’s analytical Futurism. The collateral exhibition proposed as part of the Rassegna Antiquaria will offer an unprecedented parallel between two complementary souls, in a stylistic comparison with multiple suggestions.

A history spanning over three decades, the harmony with the territory and the ability to innovate are, therefore, the essential characteristics of Rassegna Antiquaria, an exhibition that comes from a careful selection work that aims to enhance valuable works with galleries from all over Italy.

The appointment is from 27 November to 5 December 2021 at Centro Fiera Montichiari (BS). The opening hours are as follows: Saturday and Sunday, from 10.00 to 19.00; on weekdays, from 15.00 to 19.00. The cost of the ticket is 10 euros (7 euros reduced over 65s). To access it is necessary to show the Green pass. For more information: www.rassegnaantiquaria.it.